As an avid journal keeper with goals for days, I made a list once of all the things I’m doing and what I want to do.

It started something like this:

I’m a mom, a wife, a writer, a marketer, an entrepreneur, small business owner, amateur painter, hobbyist hiker, healthy living want-er…

And I realized that not only did I have A LOT going on, but I had a lot I wanted to do. At first, I was like…let’s chop a few of these goals off my list.

But then I got to thinking, what if I found a way to do it all. What if I found a way to reach success in all these little bullet points.

It made me realize that I needed to wrap my head around a success mindset. I needed to stop downgrading my goals and upgrading my actions.

You’re starting your own business or you’re looking at how you can get the business you have growing. You’re looking for ideas, trying to figure out where to start, what actions you can take.

Today. You’re going to start right here and you’re going to start with you.

Being an entrepreneur and a small business owner means you’re the boss. It means that your success starts and ends with you.

Infuse Your Life With Mindful Positivity

One of the first things I started with is the number one action I suggest for any business owner.

Find a way to infuse your daily life with mindful positivity.

Something I try to do is something called a power hour. It’s something I learned from one of my sisters.

You start your day every day with a morning routine that kick starts your entire day.

When my sister did it she spent twenty minutes doing something active, twenty minutes reading something to uplift, and twenty minutes going over her to do list, and other housekeeping organization.

I modified it for me to be thirty minutes activity, I listen to ten minutes of an entrepreneur podcast, spend ten minutes writing in my journal, and ten minutes going over the to dos of the day and checking in on emails.

A morning routine is a great first step in getting yourself together and ready to succeed. However, the main thing is inserting positive thinking into your life.

That morning podcast is everything. It strengthens my mind against the fear of failure, the bad habit of comparison, and gets me so motivated that suddenly I think I can do anything.

Don’t Let Fear Downplay Your Dreams

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the word “just” to describe what I was doing in life.

I’m just going to school.

I’m just teaching freshmen English.

I’m just a stay-at-home-mom.

just  write for this online shop.

I’m just doing this freelance thing for some extra cash.

Even though I’m the one that kept saying just, every time I caught myself saying it I hated it.

I’ve always had pride in whatever it is that I’m doing and I hated that I would downplay it to other people.

Sometimes I think it came from not wanting people to judge me for being braggy. Other times it had to do with feeling like other people didn’t see value in what I was investing myself in and so I would act like it wasn’t that big of a deal.

But ultimately, that word just comes from a place of fear.

Especially more recently as I’ve committed myself to taking my writing and my content writing business more seriously. It’s like I don’t want to admit the full depth of my goals because…well what if I fail? If I say it out loud it’s real. If I say it out loud other people will know!


Getting over this word just is probably my biggest hurtle in developing a success mindset. Which is probably why I’m likely drive it hard whenever I hear anyone downplay what they do.

Be the boss you are! Go. get. yours! 

Because you know what?

That just going to school led me to getting my Bachelor’s Degree in English Lit. and Writing Composition. Which just so happens to back up any career dream I’ve ever had.

Just teaching freshmen English was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Nothing will motivate you to be your best self more than spending your entire day encouraging teenagers to get out of their comfort zone and go for it.

Add in that these teenagers are from another country, learning a new language, and have experienced real trauma and you’ve got yourself a learning experience that is anything but just.

Don’t even get me started on just a stay-at-home-mom. Anyone that has stopped work outside the home in order to be home with their kids know that it’s both a privilege and a sacrifice.

Motherhood is an intense and beautiful thing. It doesn’t matter if you are immersed in it from home or juggling it with another priority. At some point we have to stop acting like motherhood isn’t enough. Whether it’s your only focus or not, motherhood is of the highest value.

That online shop that I started writing for? That just turned into a nearly five year and counting writing gig and has given me experience with content writing, developing a business blog, and social media management.

Plus, it introduced me to a writing niche within I’ve built a growing business. It literally gave me the window into some of my greatest ambitions.

I’m crazy grateful I said yes to that opportunity when it came knocking. I’m also glad I stopped thinking of it as just something to do on the side.

Because I’m not just doing this content writing business as a small side gig to keep me busy in a hobby or make some extra cash. This business of mine has saved my family’s behinds on more than one occasion already.

My husband’s job in the Coast Guard has provided us with tons of blessings, but let’s be honest. It’s not exactly a career where you’ve got a seemingly endless supply of cash.

I’ve got BIG goals when it comes to this content writing business. It isn’t just anything. By admitting that to myself I can get out of my own way and find success.

But Also Don’t be Full of B.S.

You don’t want someone to read your writing or check out your website and say to themselves “I call bull”.

There is a big difference between presenting yourself professionally and in the best light and lying about what you have going on.

It’s a hard balance to drive home because that just  impostor syndrome is a real deal. However, if you don’t operate your business from a genuine place, you’re really not likely to go very far.

A kind of wobbly guiding line between the fake it till you make it and being full of it:

Don’t claim anything you can’t learn how to do in the time someone asks you to do it!

Be a Student to Your Craft

Which is the next thing; If you want to develop a success mindset, you have to admit that you don’t know everything.

Learning is the keystone to all success.

I’m a content writer. Heck, I’m a writer. And I am very good at what I do. However, while I have experience and skill, I sure as heck-a-roni don’t know everything.

If I’m being honest, I’m glad I don’t because the opportunity for growth is one of the things that drives me passionately forward.

two person standing on gray tile paving

By being a student to my craft, there’s room for mistakes. There’s room for something to not going as planned. There’s room for me to fail.

This is a wonderful thing because by letting myself fail sometimes, it means that I am putting in the work that creates actual success.

Don’t Leave Behind the Personal

On my Facebook page I have the slug “Brand with Reality” as part of my header. This is because I truly believe that in order for you to have long lasting business success you must be true to yourself.

This doesn’t mean sharing the ins and outs of your life to your customers. It just means using your genuine self as your branding starting point.

For example, when I started building my website and writer portfolio and was looking at design, I first started looking at a simple black and white set up.

Then I got bored. So I was thinking about something super bold and maybe pulling in some floral. Just looking at what I had going, even though I thought it was pretty, I also knew I wouldn’t be able to keep the style up.

There was just too much.

So I made a list of me to try and get an idea of where to start:

  • Degree in writing
  • I’m a work from home mom, boy mom
  • Coastguard spouse
  • Hiking makes me feel powerful
  • Painting helps me focus
  • Writing calms me

From there I knew I wanted something clean, but also colorful. So I settled on the design you see now. Will it be the design I have forever and ever?

Probably not. Remember, I’m super into growth!

The thing that won’t change is that for my business my branding starts with me.

Jealousy Kills Success

Kayla Davis, the amaze-balls blogger who runs her Kay Now What blog, shared a thought through her Instagram account that hit me at the EXACT right moment.

In the post, she said,

“Imagine how mundane our options would be if cereal companies thought the market was over-saturated and decided not to create a flavor or if a shoe company decided not to make a shoe because there’s already one like it. If God has blessed you with a gift, he found you worthy of it and he will open doors and bring you opportunities if it is in his will for you. So stop worrying about the next person’s success with a gift (seemingly) similar to yours THAT is NONE of your business.”

Really everything about it spoke to me, but man that last bit. The success of other people doing what you do or want to do is really none of your business.

I’ve always been a competitive person and I’ve learned that my competitiveness can sometimes also make me a jealous person. Jealousy is not a conducive mind state to find success. Even if it drives you temporarily, if you are constantly keeping score…dang. Talk about burn out.

So thank you Kayla Davis for the mind motto! Now when I find myself feeling frustrated with someone else’s success over my own, I shout in my head, “THAT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS!”

Besides, my business goals aren’t to outdo the next guy.

My goal is to create something of value, to offer a service that helps other entrepreneurs knock out their goals. I want to see you succeed.

Remembering that is a much bigger step to success than just trying to do something to outdo someone else.

difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations desk decor

Keeping your eye on the prize, in that success mindset, isn’t always easy.

But, when you’ve got your business to run and an empire to build…what other choice is there?

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